How to Win the Lottery – The 7 Simple Steps to Lottery Success Explained

The answer is to have a series of steps that you can take regularly without thinking, which will finally lead you to success:

Most success in business & life comes from having a objective & a plan. & it is the same with selecting & playing lottery winning numbers… taking a fast pick every couple of weeks from your local lotto store won’t let you accomplish jackpot success.

STEP TWO: choose which tool you’ll used to play that game. You may already have a method operating, or use a series of numbers that you play without changing each time. A fast pick choice is not part of a nice method.

STEP ONE: select the lottery game you are going to play. You may not can select, there may only be game in your area. If that is the case go to the next step. But if you are able to select between several games, your chances of winning will be higher in case you select the game with the LEAST number of balls & numbers. For example, 5/32 is better than 7/49.

STEP FOUR: take action! Do the three steps above. Select your game, select a method, & choose your budget.

STEP THREE: choose how much you need to spend in each game. Usually, whether you play with the method or without, the more tickets you play the better chance you have. If you are using the method & you are on a limited budget, it is often better to put all of your tickets in to game, than spreading them out over plenty of.

STEP FIVE: play the game. After it’s been drawn, return to your lotto store & get them to check your tickets. Doing this is a fast double-check against any mistakes.

STEP SIX: collect your winnings from the outlet, & buy the next set of tickets simultaneously in preparation for the next game.

You now have a simple plan to play & speed up your lottery progress. Stick to it & you’ll see incredible results.

STEP SEVEN: repeat steps 4-6 each time.


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